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Who are we?

We are the only company to process fruit & spice on – farm. Transporting “the factory” through geographic regions, following the season. Fruit – Puree – Macro Mix – Freezing. Guaranteeing Worlds Best Quality.

We are a family, who cherish fruit and love ice cream. We realised way back that fruit is at its most delicious straight off the tree, and ice cream should be made with a recipe and not a formula. Our solution was to use only the best fruit, sun ripen, selectively harvest and do it on-farm.

What we do.

A cherished childhood memory was in my grandmother’s garden, eating mangoes straight off the tree? Sun ripened, succulent and delicious. We realized way back that to stand-out, to be out- standing, we had to find a way to capture that taste. Our solution, find only the best Australian fruit, sun ripen, selectively harvest and do it on-farm. We transport our mobile processing to the farm. Or as we say, no more than “Two minutes by tractor”.

You can taste and smell the freshness. So how do we ensure our fruit is the best available? We believe in taking the fastest, freshest route. Every season we visit our farmers (Thank you Aussie Farmers), checking the crop, selecting the season’s best, discussing how long to sun ripen, when to pick, where to locate our mobile fruit plant and even where is the purest, fresh spring water. Yes, even the taste of our water makes a difference! Therefore, the flavour of our Bucket of Berries is so fresh, clean, and superior.

The only company to process fruit and spice on-farm. Transporting “the factory” from farm to farm, following the harvest trail. Processing fresh on-farm means less time spent on travel, more flavour, more retained nutrients, and a host of other positive goodies. Our products are “Responsible” and “Sustainable”.

Enjoy, and say this when your contented. “How’s the serenity?” Darryl Kerrigan.


How we do it.